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This is a key project for the whole San Juan province developed by the consortium Techint - Panedile, which is complimentary with Los Caracoles hydroelectric complex.

On Saturday, August 29th, Punta Negra Hydroelectric power plant - located in San Juan province, Argentina- was inaugurated. National and local authorities attended the event.
This project is complimentary to Los Caracoles dam, a hydroelectric complex developed by Techint E&C and inaugurated in 2009. Between the two of them, a Lakeside road will be created in order to promote future touristic undertakings. Additionally, the work done within Punta Negra project will fit out 12,000 new hectares with watering capacity, increase the amount of annual energy production by 300 GWC and allow a better regulation of water volume.
The dam is 730 meters long and 120 meters high, while the adduction tunnel has a length of 400 meters. In addition to that, it has an overflow channel without gates with an excess channel in the open air, a machine house with two Francis turbines of 32.5 MW each and a maneuver station of 132 KV connected to the high tension line that runs between Los Caracoles and San Juan City. The construction took 72 months and employed 1,350 people during its peak, being 90% of them local workers.