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The day’s event aims to bring information about Techint Engineering & Construction, TenarisTamsa, Ternium and Tecpetrol to students from the Engineering and Exact Sciences courses in order to foster the development of their industrial vocation.

Last Friday, August 22, “A Day with the Techint Organization” was held at the Tecnológico de Monterrey on the Monterrey Campus. During the event, the students were able to get a first-hand view of the work undertaken by the Techint Organization companies in Mexico, as well as find out more about recruitment options for Professional Practices, the Global Trainee Program and the Young Professionals internships. These are all initiatives which offer solid opportunities for professional and personal development and which have provided the gateway to the group for over 70% of the managers in its different companies today.

Máximo Vedoya, Executive Chairman of Ternium in Mexico opened the day’s proceedings with a presentation on the Techint Organization to some 500 students from the Students’ Center. His message emphasized that “in the Group’s companies, we place great emphasis on training and developing our personnel, particularly the young people who join our programs. We are interested in students who want to grow, who know and like our company and what it does,” adding that,” we are sure that we will find new talent here in the Tecnológico de Monterrey.”

David Noel Ramírez, the Dean of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey Campus, underscored the importance of their institute working together with global companies such as the Techint Organization. He recognized the need to continue strengthening the relationship with the Group at the level of executives, teachers and students with a view to improving the opportunities for development offered to students. At the end of the presentation, a panel on “Developing Leaders” was hosted by experts from the Techint companies who answered questions from the floor.

The panel included Jorge Tena, Industrial Director and Judith Garza, Head of Planning, both from Ternium in Mexico; Vicente Manjarrez, Coating Manager from Pipe Mill 3, TenarisTamsa; Raúl Encalada, Innovation Coordinator at Techint E&C; Gilberto Tiburcio, Head of Maintenance, Production and Works at Tecpetrol; and the panel moderator, Jaime Bonilla, Director of the Engineering and IT School at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey Campus.

In answer to some of the questions raised, Raul Encalada commented that “at Techint E&C there are many development opportunities for students as part of the Young Professionals internship program. In my experience, this has also helped me to grow professionally and personally.”

After lunch, twenty-one Roberto Rocca Education Program scholarships were awarded to students from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Alfredo Bustani, Director of Human Resources, Ternium Mexico, said of the scholarships that : “we are convinced that this aspect of local industrial development is key and that the vision of Roberto Rocca, whom we honor with these awards, is more relevant than ever today as a guide for all our activities.”

Bustani congratulated the students who received the awards in the name of the Techint Organization and urged the students present to focus their energies on becoming the future professionals and leaders needed to drive the country’s growth.

The event concluded with a prize-giving ceremony to the students who took part in the Techint Organization Challenge, which allowed those taking part to find out more about the companies making up this industrial conglomerate.

Also present at the event were Alejandra Vázquez, Director of Human Resources, TenarisTamsa; Agustín Zúñiga, Director of Human Resources, Techint Engineering and Construction; Manuel Leura, cargo? of Human Resources, Tecpetrol Mexico; Rodrigo Piña, Director of Human Resources, Ternium; and Gonzalo García, Manager of Employment and Development, Ternium, Mexico.