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In the Andean Area, the relationship between Techint E&C and the client Pluspetrol strengthens.

Engineering Framework Contract

In April, Techint E&C signed a framework contract for two years with Pluspetrol for the provision of engineering services. It is the first time that Techint in Peru accomplish this kind of agreement, which consolidates the commercial strategy of the headquarters, aimed at creating a link from early phases in projects and in a long-term with target clients of the regional market.

Although the tasks to be developed were not yet specified, the model of framework contracts involves the provision of basic engineering and detail engineering according to the need that may emerge in the plants located in Malvinas and Pisco.

Malvinas plant “Blindaje” Contract

Additionally Pluspetrol awarded Techint E&C a special service aligned with its plan called “Blindaje”, design with the objective of guarantying the operative safety and capacity, the integrity and the reliability of the plant Malvinas, which is a key point in the Camisea system that provides gas to Peru.

The Andean Area demonstrates a wide experience in the Oil & Gas segment, both in the provision of engineering services as well as in the execution of works for its development. Techint works with the client Pluspetrol since 2004 when it won the contract of “Owner Engineer” of the first Expansion of Malvinas and Pisco Plants. Afterwards it was granted a contract for the same services for the second Expansion in 2011. Also In the same county it was signed the contract EPC 30 – Compressor Station Malvinas.