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The client awarded the consortium a special performance bonus in recognition of their successful efforts to complete the jetty for the cellulose mill ahead of schedule.

The Belfi-Techint consortium received the Acceptance Certificate from its customer Montes del Plata at the start of 2014 for the provisional delivery of the ocean jetty.

This structure is critical to the cellulose plant currently under construction as it will be able to receive essential supplies for its production process, such as fuel oil and wood, delivered by sea. Likewise, by the end of April, other milestones of the project were achieved: the reception of the first ship with caustic soda,  the completition of the jetty’s capping beam and of the caustic soda and heavy fuel oil pipes.

The jetty construction project included a stone breakwater over 1,200 m. long and 10 m. high located in the River Plate’s estuary, as well as a concrete jetty with a mooring front of 220 m. The jetty is braced with underwater columns sunk 15 m deep, which required 460 prefabricated blocks of over 60 tons.