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The excavations and hot works on pipelines that contain hydrocarbons on the rights of way alongside the Ethane pipeline, as well as inside the PEMEX operating complexes were successfully ended.

Along the 235 km 20", 16" and 24” pipeline - crossing three Mexican States -, the interconnection with five PEMEX gas processing complexes in operation was, from the point of view of safety, the major challenge Techint had to face. Recently, the assembly works of ducts in the last crossings with rights of way were also completed.
Up to the moment, 69 special crossings were performed with operating ducts and 185 lines of pipeline were passed through, where aluminothermic copper weldings were applied for cathodic protection and for pipes’ integrity. Lines with various types of hydrocarbons and services with diameters from 3 "up to 48", more than 30-year old pipes at depths between 60 cm and 4,50 m were covered.
Two types of construction techniques were applied: open-air crossings and tunneled crossings with boring machine.
Finishing works on gas processing complexes and in the rights of way of PEMEX represents an important safety and construction achievement which required great planning, coordination, and capability to comply with PEMEX’s requirements in terms of its risk permit system.